Avecina Clinic provides you with a variety of cosmetic and medicalservices and products.

Travel Clinic: Avecina Clinic is an official Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, appointed by Health Canada. Travel consultation and couseling provided, and last minute travelers are able to book appointments for travel prophylaxis vaccination and medications.

Drug Rehabilitation, Detox,and counselling: Dr. Fasihy is a licensed methadone prescriber. Our clinic offers drug addiction recovery programs.

STD Clinic: Prevention and treatment ofsexually transmittedinfections, contraception and IUD insertion, and pap screening for cervical cancer, unplanned pregnancy

Cosmetic Clinic: Our cosmetic clinic is under the supervision of the physician , Dr. Fasihy, and provides services such as photo facial, injection of fillers , Botox, and chemical peels. .

Medical Clinic: Urgent Care and Appointment based Family Medicine Clinic and Walk-in Clinic

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